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All About Hand Sewing

Learn Hand Sewing Basics, Information and Projects


Hand sewing can be the quickest way to do quick mending chores. It can also be the best way to create "invisible" stitching so the sewing doesn't distract from the design of the garment. Learn how hand sew a variety of hand stitches so you can make quick repairs, invisible hems, decorative elements on anything and more, by following these links to easy ti follow hand sewing information.

1. Hand Sewing Needles

Hand sewing needles are not expensive, but the choices when you go to buy them can seem over whelming. Learn all about hand sewing needles so you can make an informed decision when you purchase hand sewing needles.

2. Hand Sewing - Stitches and How Tos

Sure you can poke the fabric and drag thread through layers of fabric to join it together... but will you be happy with how it looks when you are done? Hand sewing for different reasons requires different stitching techniques. Some are decorative stitches and others are constructive stitches for durability.

3. How to Sew Evenly Spaced Hand Stitches when Hand Sewing

When you sew with a sewing machine the stitches are all the same and evenly spaced. You can achieve the same uniform stitching with a little practice and this quick tip.

4. Free Sewing Patterns and Projects to Teach Hand Sewing

If you've ever tried to entertain a child when the power is out, you will understand the value of teaching them how to hand sew... in the car, on the beach... anywhere or ay time a sewing machine is not available.

5. How to Knot the End of Hand Sewing Thread

When you are hand sewing, you don't want the thread to slip through the fabric and you don't want a big lump of thread as a knot. Learn how to knot the end of a hand sewing thread.

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