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Thread a Needle - Top 10 Needle Threading Tips


Getting that limp piece of thread through the eye of a needle can seem like a challange. Threading a sewing needle shouldn't take up your valuable time and it shouldn't be frustrating! Following a few simple tips and tricks can make the job a breeze!

1. Put White Behind the Needle

Whether you’re threading a sewing machine needle or a hand sewing needle, white behind the needle makes the eye much more visible.

Keep a small piece of index card pinned to your pin cushion. Then when you are threading a needle that piece is always available to place behind the eye of the needle.

2. Put White Behind the Sewing Machine Needle

Many new sewing machines have a white presser foot holder. If your machine has the standard silver presser foot holder, tray a dab of White-Out on the foot holder, behind the needle. Allow it to dry before sewing fabric.

3. Cut the Thread with Sharp Scissors

Always use sharp scissors to cut the thread. A clean cut thread is always easier to get through the eye of a sewing needle, than a fuzzy shredded thread.

4. Cut the Thread at an Angle

Cut the thread at a forty-five degree angle. Even if you can't see the angle, the angle will make it easier to thread the needle.

5. Stiffen the Thread

Stiffen the thread with saliva or bees wax. It will be easier to control through the eye than a limp thread.

6. Use a Needle Threader

A needle threader comes with many packages of assorted sewing needles. That little wire, gives you a big eye to thread even if your sewing needle has a tiny eye. How to Use a Needle Threader

Visit sewing machine dealers and notion departments to see many new needle threaders available to thread hand and sewing machine needles.

7. Sewing a Machine with Built in Needle Threader

A built in needle threader is available on almost all upper end sewing machines. If threading a needle is stopping you from sewing, consider making a bit of an investment to make sewing enjoyable.

8. Solving Clumsy Hands

Consider using tweezers. Long bent handle tweezers are available for threading a serger but can work just as well to hold the thread while threading any sewing needle.

9. Use Moisture

Try a bit of moisture on your thumb behind the needle. The moisture works like a magnet to draw the thread through the eye of the needle.

10. Use an Eye that Matches the Thread Size

If you're using fine thread use a needle that has a small eye, but if you are using a thick thread, choose a needle with a larger eye to accept the thread and prevent damaging the thread as you sew.

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