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Sewing Bra & Undergarments

When you shop for underwear finding the perfect color, or the perfect fit can be a frustrating process. Sewing your own undergarments is not as challenging as it sounds and may be the perfect solution to avoiding those trying shopping trips. This information will have you ready to sew your own undergarments!

Bra Bra-vado!
When the manufacturer discontinues your favorite bra style, you're out of luck. If this sounds familiar, make a pattern from that favorite bra by "reverse engineering". Learn how to create your favorite bra here!

Bra-Making Class
Free online course for learning to sew bras with a bonus fitting section.

Bra Closures, Rings, Slides, and Hooks
Sew Sassy's selection at great prices for all bra hardware. They also offer Finishing Accessories and underwires.

Bra Making Class Notes & Supplier
A page that cover fitting, fabrics, patterns, and more for all aspects of making your own bra.

Bra Patterns And Kits
Learn correct bra sizing as well as patterns and kits available for ordering.

Rina's Cotton Half-Slip
Rina shares her directions on line for creating your own half slip.

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