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How to Make a Fabric Covered Button


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How to Cover a Button with Fabric
Buttons covered with fabric using this covered button kit

Two Covered Buttons and a Covered Button kit

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
A fabric covered button is not a regular button that you cover with fabric. Buttons to cover with fabric are sold in packages in sewing notion departments of fabric stores and box stores that carry a reliable supply of sewing supplies.

Buttons manufactured for covering them with fabric are sold in a kit that contains everything you need to create a fabric covered button. All you need to add is the fabric. The type of fabric is a variable as these buttons can be used on almost anything from a silky blouse to heavy duty upholstery and everything in between.

The package also has directions on the back of the package. The printed directions should be your first choice for directions. These directions will guide you through using a Dritz or Prym covered button kit and are written to help with covering buttons that the packaging has been lost or for when the package directions just don't seem to click.

I do not remember the brand name but many years ago there were fabric covered button kits that the buttons themselves had prongs which penetrated the fabric, supposedly to hold the fabric secure, but the prongs usually lead to frustration as the fabric frayed or disintegrated as you tried to cover the button. The Prym or Dritz Cover Button Tools is easy to use and does not fray the fabric as you are covering the button.

A common design detail with fabric buttons is to center a design from your fabric on each button. This is a great way to take a plain garment and detail it to be worn on holidays... even changing the buttons for each holiday.

What you need to cover a button with fabric

  • A kit containing the buttons and tools to cover the button
  • Fabric scraps that are at least double the size of the button you will be covering.
  • Scissors to trim the fabric to size.

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