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Shopping Cart Seat Cover Sewing Patterns

Protect the Little Ones from Germs and Bacteria


You wouldn't hand a baby a bag of raw chicken but people handle raw chicken and a shopping cart everyday without washing their hands in between. Sew a shopping cart seat cover to provide a barrier and protect your baby or child from the bacteria and germs a shopping cart has on it. You'll find free and commercial patterns with various options by following the links provided here to shopping cart seat covers.

1. Jan Andrea at Home on the Web -- Free Shopping Cart Seat Cover Pattern

Free is always everyones favorite price and this free pattern is bound to tickle your fancy. This shopping cart seat cover is bound to protect a little one from the germs and bacteria on a shopping cart.

2. Handmade 4 Baby - #1966. Sewing Pattern

This pattern takes all of your shopping needs in to consideration with the extras that are designed in to this shopping seat cover pattern. "Custom made at home by a mom for a mom!!" is very evident in the extra details this pattern provides.

3. Candle on the Hill - #MCK101 Shopping Cart Cover Pattern

This inclusive pattern suggests not only using the cover on shopping carts, but other public places such as highchairs, swings, booster seats and more. 

4. Awesome Shopping Cart Cover/High Chair Cover Pattern

Awesome is a great description for this seat cover pattern.

The shopping cart cover pattern's special features include:

  1. Fully reversible so you can flip over easily during outings
  2. Toy rings you can attach your child's favorite toys to
  3. Secret pockets for your glasses, wallet, keys, etc.
  4. Leg flaps to protect against pinching
  5. Large button holes for seat belts
  6. Security pillows to help support young ones

5. Kwik Sew Shopping Cart Seat Cover & Diaper Bag with Changing Pad Pattern

This pattern has everything a traveling mom will need to tote and protect the litte one from the rest of the world.

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