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Christmas Sewing Ideas

Here's the spot to find great gift, craft, ornament, and decorating ideas for Christmas.

Pattern and Directions to Sew a Felt Christmas Stocking Ornament
This cute homemade felt stocking Christmas tree ornament can be personalized with names and the year... making them a great way to also label packages.

Free Sewing Patterns for Christmas Decorating
Making your own holiday and Christmas decorations can reach far beyond making a paper chain. These free patterns will guide you through decorating your home with wonderful decorations that will last for many many years. Make your won Christmas stocking for wonderful memories and be creative to make your home even more special!

Sewing Christmas and Guardian Angels
Angels have many meanings to many people. Angels aren't just for Christmas! This list of free patterns for sewing angels is filled with free patterns that will spur your imagination and artistic ability. Use these free patterns for wearing and decorating with angels all year long!

Sew a 3D Star Christmas Tree Ornament
Sew a simple Christmas tree ornament that has dimension and beads using these free step by step directions. Use this ornament to celebrate a marriage or baby's first Christmas.

Sew a Homemade Angel Christmas Tree Ornament
Homemade Christmas tree ornaments are my passion. Here's free directions to sew a homemade angel ornament.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Candy Cane Christmas Tree Ornament
Decorate your Christmas Tree with ornaments you make yourself or make Christmas Tree ornaments to give away as gifts. You'll find free patterns and directions to sew a candy cane ornament here.

Sew a Yo-Yo Snowflake Ornament or Decoration
A simple inexpensive snowflake ornament or decoration made with your tiny scraps of left over fabric. You'll find free pattern and directions here.

Free Directions and Pattern to Sew a Yo-Yo Wreath Ornament
Find free directions to learn how to sew a yo-yo wreath as tree decorations, package decoration or window decorations here. Nothing is more economical than a project that uses up your tiny fabric scraps.

Sewing Essentials to Survive the Holidays
Learn how to break down the job and find ways to keep your sewing economical while you sew wonderful homemade gifts that will be treasured for a long time after the holiday. Sewing for the holidays can actually add peace and a sense of accomplishment if you let it!

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Fabric Wreath
Use saved Christmas scraps of fabric or choose fabric to match your home decorating. You'll find a free pattern and free step by step directions here.

Fabric Christmas Cards!
Free templates and directions to make your own cards, using fabric scraps.

Create A Sewing Kit
Looking for a gift for someone who sews? This article will give you ideas on things to look for while shopping for the things someone who sews will need and want. If you already sew, you may want to leave a print out on your Santa's pillow.

Soft Sculpture Mrs. Santa Ornament
Old stockings and felt scraps make a great ornament.

Soft Sculpture Mr. Santa Ornament
Get a jump on next Christmas' projects.

Crafty Ideas
Net Links to general craft projects that even a non-sewer would enjoy.

Christmas Angels
The best places on the net for free angel projects, patterns and instructions.

Decorating And Ornaments
Links to some great ornament and decorating, ideas and instructions.

Christmas Tree Skirt
Your guides instructions for making a Christmas Tree Skirt, mainly with your serger.

Sewing Gift Central
The gift giving budget never seems to be as large as the gift list. You can remedy that situation by sewing gifts for everyone on your gift list. Home sewn gifts not only save you money, the recipient will know you spent time and care making them a gift... a gift that will be treasured for years.

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