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Sew a Homemade Angel Christmas Tree Ornament


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Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments

Angel Christmas Tree Ornaments

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This angel is approximately 4" when finished. The materials and dimensions given are a guide. The size of the angel can be altered by changing the width of the trim used.
Materials Needed:
  • 2" circle of lightweight muslin or flesh color fabric. (I found a 2" template by using the bottom of a can of spray adhesive.)
  • 12" of 3" wide eyelet -- Cut as follows:
    • One 6" piece for the body
    • Two 3" pieces for the arms
  • Two 5" pieces of 1 to 2" wide pre-gathered lace or eyelet for the wings
  • Quality thread or button and carpet thread
  • A very small amount of stuffing.
  • Fine tip textile marker or Sharpie Pen (to draw face)
  • Doll hair or yarn sewn as described in the yo-yo clown but with a much smaller knitting needle. The hair used in the photos is the strawberry blond curly hair available here
  • glue to attach hair and halo
  • White or light color pipe cleaner for the arms
  • Gold Glitter pipe cleaner for the halo
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