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Free Craft And Sewing Room Projects

A decorated, organized sewing or craft room is easier to work in and inspires creativity. You can sew many of the things you need to have a special space that inspires your imagination, using these free patterns.

Pattern and Directions to Sew a Durable Stretchy Book Cover!
You'll find free patterns and full directions to sew durable stretchy book covers here.

Make a Burlap Covered Bulletin Board
A bulletin board does not have to be made of cork! These free directions guide you through every step tp create a bulletin board that is the size and color you want it to be!

Free Ironing Board Pattern
No need to buy a new ironing board cover when you can easily sew yourself a new ironing board cover that will be better than any ironing board cover you can buy. These step by step directions will guide you through sewing an ironing board cover this is custom made for your ironing board whether it is a small, large or extra wide ironing board.

Sew an Armchair Sewing Organizer
This free project is great to have on your favorite television watching chair... you just might have everything you need to get that hand sewing done while you watch TV.

Free Directions to Sew a Custom Sewing Machine Cover or Serger Cover
All sewing machines are shaped a bit differently. The best cover for a sewing machine is one that you custom make for your sewing machine. Follow these free directions to create a pattern for your sewing machine cover and follow step by step directions.

Sewing Machine Accessory Organizer
Keep the accessories for your sewing machine organized and easy to carry to classes or meetings.

Free Pattern & Directions to Sew a Binder Cover
Vinyl binders never make it through the school year. Make a durable fabric cover to convert an inexpensive binder into one that will last using the free directions found here.

Smelly Jelly Recipes and Fabric Covers
Smelly Jelly is a great alternative to throwing away plastic air freshener containers. Use household jars and fabric jar covers to save on what goes in the landfill and have the fragrance you want in your home.

Organize for the New Year
I promise myself every year that I am going to become better organized. I have achieved organization most of the time in my sewing room.... I'd never get things done, if I didn't have some form of organization... now I need to clean up my Christmas sewing mess and then move on to cleaning the holidays out of the refrigerator and organizing...

Free Patterns to Make Your Own Pin Cushions
Dive in to the best of the best free pin cushion patterns using this list of 20 pin cushion patterns.

Free Sewing Pattern to Sew a Shoe or Craft Bag
Use this free shoe tote pattern to create a bag for each of your on the go crafting or sewing projects. The size is perfect for toting to waiting rooms or keeping in the car.

Sewing Room Makeover
From the populare show, Decorating Cents, see ideas to transform a space into your very own sewing room.

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