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Free Ironing Board Pattern


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Materials to Sew a Custom Ironing Board Cover
Small ironing board cover made using the free any size ironing board pattern for

Ironing Board Cover Made Using These Free Any Size Ironing Board Cover Directions

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Sewing your own ironing board cover with this free pattern will guide you through creating a custom ironing board cover that will fit your ironing board and be better than any ironing board cover you can buy even if you could find one to fit properly. Odd shaped and older ironing boards are not a problem because you will be making a pattern that is custom made for your ironing board.


  • Pattern making material -- this can be newspaper, tissue paper, pattern tracing grid, gift wrap, or similar materials. The material will need to be larger than the top of your ironing board. for pattern making (Tips and Tricks to Alter, Trace and Use a Multiple Sized Pattern has more information about pattern tracing materials.)
  • A pen, pencil or marker
  • A ruler
  • Fabric - The amount will depend on the size of the pattern piece you will make in the next step. The fabric you choose should be color fast to prevent any color transfer when using steam. You will also want an additional layer of utility fabric suck as unbleached muslin. This helps prevent fibers and fuzz from the padding from working it's way onto the fabric you are pressing.
  • Batting -- The padding of the previous ironing board cover can be reused but adding a bit of additional padding is advised. If it is necessary to replace all of the padding, or the padding does not have any silver or reflective qualities, visit a fabric store to find a a reflective fabric such as Insul-Bright
  • Cording such as drapery cord. (Enough to go around the edge of the ironing board and a bit more to have enough to tie it.)
  • Safety Pin
  • Optional- a toggle to hold the cord in place.
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