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Easter Sewing Projects

You'll find free patterns specific to sewing for Easter here.

Great Stuffed Toys Patterns for Easter Baskets and More
Stuffed toys are a great way to fill an Easter basket and avoid dentist bills that candy can create.

Sew a Basket Liner for Round or Square Based Basket
A basket liner is a simple way to convert a regular basket into an Easter basket or provide a barrier between the candy and the basket. You can make a liner for any holiday or to match any room so the basket can be used year round.

Sew a Basket Liner for a Rectangle Basket
Even those inexpensive baskets that are part of Christmas gift sets can have a new life with a basket liner.

Free Pattern to Sew a Bunny Door Stop
Come Spring, I'm always saying leave the door open... This free sewing project will serve as a reminder to leave the door open and decorate for Easter.

Free Pattern for Costume Bunny Ears or Head Piece
Easter is a great time to treat the kids to a set of bunny ears. They'll have fun and it will help pass the time for them while they wait for the Easter bunny!

Free Easter Bag Pattern to Collect Eggs at an Easter Egg Hunt
No one is too old for an Easter egg hunt! The trick to collecting the most eggs is to make sure your bag will stay open so you are spending your time collecting egGs instead of wrestling with your bag!

Sew An Easter Kite
This is a sewing project that this kids can join in the fun so they understand what it takes to go fly a kite!

Fabric Bowl Becomes Fabric Basket
Fabric bowls are fun to make and fascinating to the recipient... convert them into an Easter basket for even more fun!

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