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Embellishment Sewing

Sewing opens the door to creative possibilities and embellishments may be the crowning glory of sewing creativity. Learn about all the options, then combine and create your own embellishment techniques.

Dressing Up Denim
Dress up plain jeans for a designer look without the designer price tag.

How to Sew Simple Corded Pintucks
Pin tucks embellish heirloom clothing and look complicated to sew. Here you'll find easy to follow step by step instructions to create simple corded pin tucks to add dimension and detail to anything you sew.

Free Patterns and Directions to Embellish Sweatshirts and Tee Shirts
These patterns and directions will guide you through taking the simplest, inexpensive shirt and transforming it into something you will be proud to wear. A great way to stretch your wardrobe dollars!

Fabric Yo-Yo Inspiration
Fabric yo-yos have been around forever and are back in the limelight! The best part... there are tools to make sewing yo-yos easy and have precision yo-yos every time. Learn every thing about yo-yos here

Clover Fabric Yo-Yo Flowers Maker Embellishment Ideas
A fabric flower yo yo can take on all kinds of dimension and color with simple changes. Find a options to spur your imagination here.

How to Sew a Basic Fabric Yo-Yo
How to sew a fabric yo-yo or a gathered circle of fabric is a common question. You'll find free step by step photo enhanced directions to sew a fabric yo-yo here.

Christmas Embellishment
Here's a great idea for adding sparkle to your holiday crafts and clothing. Learn more about Beas 2 Fuse here.

Fabric Paint And Applique Tee Shirt
An example of ways to combine different embellishment techniques for true creativity.

Popcorn Fabric
How to's for creating deminsional fabric with a popcorn texture.

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