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Ways to Remove Odors From Fabric


Fabric that is kept in storage can collect odors. Fabric that is worn can collect body odors. Removing odors can be a challenge and can take more than simply throwing the fabric in the laundry.

Quitting smoking is one way people suddenly realize just how much their fabric, garments and upholstery have been holding the cigarette smell. Even when fabric doesn't have the smell, as soon as an iron and steam touches the fabric, that stall cigarette smell surfaces.

Many products are available to combat smells but there are ways to use simple things you have in the house without breaking the bank. Baking soda, sprinkled on the fabric will absorb most odors. Placed in the sun in conjunction with the baking soda is another commonly used remedy but remember that the sun can fade fabric.

Soaking the fabric in white vinegar (about a cupful of white vinegar to a sink full of water) is also commonly recommended because the vinegar will combat odors. Test this idea on a scrap before committing an entire garment. Launder the fabric after using a vinegar soaking.

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