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Save Money Sewing Clothing and Other Textile Needs

Meet Your Sewing Needs Without Paying Full Price and Possibly Free


Coupons for patterns and fabric may not be in your Sunday paper but they can be found. Knowing where to find them and thinking outside the box, will help you not only enjoy sewing, but by saving money while you are sewing, you have the perfect excuse to indulge in your passion.

1. Snail Mail and Email Flyers -- Great Pattern Deals and More

I haven't paid full price for a pattern in many many years. Subscribe to the mail lists for the fabric stores in your area. By joining the email and snail mail lists for the stores, you will receive coupons and notice of the great sales that keep people sewing. Even when you don't :need" to go to the fabric store, don't let the fort or fifty percent off coupons expire without using them. Those coupons are a wonderful opportunity to stock up on sewing notions you use all the time or treat yourself to a new sewing tool.

Make note of ninety-nine cent pattern sales so you can purchase the patterns you were hoping would go on sale at substantial savings!

Free patterns on the Internet!

2. Fabric Bargains

I believe if I am going to sew something rather than buy it, it should save me some money... or be so darn special that I could never buy it anywhere for any price. I save the flyer coupons or wait for a sale when I must buy yard goods, but there are many times I don't actually need to "buy" fabric. There are many ways to re-purpose fabric and in some cases you can even create your own fabric, through piecing scraps and other recycle methods.

3. Knowing Mending Techniques

We live in an age that we are aware of just how much we waste and send to landfills. You can prevent un-necessary additions to your local landfill by taking the time to mend your clothing and keep them in circulation... to say nothing of how much you can stretch your wardrobe by having more garments to choose from.

4. Haunt the Thrift Stores

If you visit your local thrift stores, you may discover that on certain days of the week, their bargain prices are slashed even further. Those are the days you look beyond a hideous garment to see the notions that are in that garment. Think about ways you could re-purposed the zippers, buttons, hook and eyes, trim or other components that make up the garment. Consider it a television watching time project to sit and rip out the components that you want to re-use. If the fabric is not something you will ever use... but remember piecing possibilities before you decide... you can use the fabric for rags or possible stuffing for a dog bed.You may want to cut the garment up into circles for fabric yo-yos.

5. Clearance Sales

As the seasons change or holidays are over, all the big box stores have clearance sales. Haunt those clearance isle. Sheets, towels and bedding are all great fabric bargains compared to buying that fabric by the yard. Even when you don't have a baby to shop for, look at the clearance items. Flannel receiving blankets are a great fabric source when you can purchase them on clearance.

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