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Recycle Denim

Sewing Projects & Patterns Using Old or Junk Jeans


We all have old jeans that have been out grown, have rips or are just out of style. Don't throw them away thinking they are junk! There a plenty of ways to breathe new life into old used denim. You may even find yourself at the thrift store to find a large variety of shades of denim!

Free Directions to Sew a Bum Bag From Old Jeans

A Pocketbook from Old Jeans
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Don't throw away old ripped jeans! Convert them to something you can use.

Complete Step by Step Directions to Change Jeans in to a Jeans Skirt

step by step directions to convert Jeans in to a Denim Skirt
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

Every one has tattered denim jeans that are ready for the rag pile but the top of the jeans is in great shape. Convert those tattered jeans in to a wearable skirt by following these step by step directions.

Save a Small Fortune on Designer Jeans

Create Your Own Designer Jeans
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Simple trim added to a plain pair of jeans totally changes the appearance. All the trims tht are available make the options endless.

Create Manufactured Cuts in Jeans

slash details on jeans
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

The most expensive jeans are ones that could qualify as rags in the past. Now those holes and cuts make them a fashion statement. Learn how to make those cuts and keep them under control so you can convert inexpensive jeans in to a fashion statement without breaking the bank.

Fade to White from Sew News Magazine

Fade to White Denim Art
Sew News, Licensed to About.com
This article will guide you through being artistic with bleach on denim fabric. Anyone can be an artist with the information found in this article!

How To Make a Denim Pocket Quilt - About.com Frugal Living

Denim Pocket Quilt to Recycle Jeans
Erin Huffstetler, Licensed to About.com

I love this idea! It has to be very warm. The directions are very simple. This could be a perfect way to combine charity and recycling by creating this quilt for a local shelter.

Turn Jeans into a Skirt

Converting old jeans into a skirt breathes new life into them. Sew your own skirt to have the length and design YOU want.

The Junk Jeans People

Stop collecting those favorite jeans that you think will fit again someday. Use the fabric and make great new clothes and projects using the patterns offered here.

Lola Gentry Originals

Tired of fighting to find jeans that actually fit? These patterns may be just what you need to resolve the problem. They offer many patterns, including jeans for men, women and children.

About.com DIY Fashion - Ways to Use Old Jeans

Bleach Jeans in a Camo Pattern
Rain Blanken, Licensed to About.com

Lorain puts a new spin on ways to use old jeans for new fashions. Follow the links to reuse your stash of denim and jeans that need a new life.

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