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How To Sew a Hanging Dish Towel - Free Patterns & Directions


Hanging dish towels are a great way to have towels where you need them, when you need them.
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: Approximately One Hour

Here's How:

  1. Materials:
  2. Cutting:
    • Cut a standard dishtowel in the middle leaving both ends in tact.Use the line on the pattern to lay the pattern on the lengthwise grain of the fabric. Pin in place. Cut out two of the pattern pieces.
  3. With right sides of the fabric together, using 1/2" seams, stitch around the curved edges of the pattern, leaving the bottom open. Trim and notch seam where necessary. Turn right sides out. Press smooth so that all seams are on the edge.
  4. For a pleated type of towel:
    • Mark in 1" from the end of your dish towel. Fold at this mark and meet in the center. Stitch in to place and zig zag or serge raw edge of towel.
    For a gathered type of towel:
    • Gather the raw edge of the towel so that it will fit the open area at the bottom of the pattern.
  5. Set the towel on one layer of the joined fabric pieces at the bottom opening. Pin in place between the seams. Sew the towel to the fabric using a 1/2" seam.
  6. Press the seam to the inside of the fabric pieces. Press under the other layer of the fabric. Top stitch the fabric through all the layers.
  7. Make a button hole, sized to your button or to your knob size, depending on which version you are making.
  8. Tips
    • If you are using a limp fabric, you may want to interface the fabric area.
    • I have made these with small "finger towels" for the bathroom.
    • Serging or zigzagging the raw edge of the towel, before assembling it, adds strength through many laundering.
    • Use holiday fabric to make them for every holiday.
    Be creative and embellish the towel or top with lace or embroidery.
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