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Free Sewing Pattern to Make Your Own Wrist and Ankle Weights


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What You Need to Make Your Own Wrist or Ankle Weights
Wrist weight made with these free instructions

Sew Your Own Wrist or Ankle Weight

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Exercising, weight loss, walking and physical therapy can all go hand in hand to improve your over all health. Once I got started I found that a day without a work out would leave me dragging. I guess you could say I become addicted the the wonderful feeling I have from exercising. But, equipment to keep increasing my work out could start to drain the bank account and I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so... as usual... make it myself.
Make these weights for your wrists and ankles in the weight you desire. I started with two pound weights due to a surgical weakness in one wrist and poor knees. By gradually increasing the weight I was able achieve more without exercise being torture.
Many people starting on a weight lose journey can not wear what is available. Adjust these measurements by lengthening the fabric and webbing to meet your needs.

Materials Needed for One Pair of Weights

  • 4 -pieces of fabric (tightly woven cotton, woven nylon) cut to 13" long by 5" wide (Using Rotary Cutting Tools can guarantee squared results.)
  • One Yard of 1" wide webbing
  • 2 - 1" D rings or rectangle hardware
  • 2 - 6" sections of hook and loop tape (Velcro)
  • Rice, BBs, sand or similar material to provide weight. Two quantities of the weight you want each weight to be.(A food scale works great for measuring the quantity you want.) Rice, filling each section to the very top and hand basting the sections close will only give you a one pound wrist/ankle weight. This particular pattern, made with sand will make one pound weights for each weight. For additional weight you may need to add width to the fabric pieces.
  • Quality Thread Is There a Difference in Thread? You be the Judge

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