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Free Sewing Patterns for Fashion Doll Clothes

Free Patterns for Fashion Dolls such as Barbie or other 11" dolls


Barbie is the most famous fashion doll but fashion dolls come in a variety of forms. Sew clothes for your Barbie of fashion doll using these free patterns and projects. Scraps of fabric can make a great wardrobe for a favorite doll.

1. Free Pattern to Sew a Gathered Skirt for Barbie and Other Fashion Dolls

Sew a Fashion Doll or Barbie Skirt
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

This free sewing pattern is for a skirt. Sewing this skirt is a great way to learn the basics while sewing a doll skirt for a Barbie or fashion doll. If you don't know a little girl who is using Barbie clothes, consider donating them to a local charity, so a child who is less fortunate will enjoy the new doll clothes.

2. Free Sewing Pattern to Sew Barbie Size Fashion Doll Jeans or Slacks

Free Sewing Pattern to Sew Barbie or Fashion Doll Jeans or Slacks
Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

This free sewing pattern can transform scraps of denim into jeans for a fashion doll the size of Barbie. If you have gabardine or wool scraps on hand, sew dress slacks to keep the fashion doll on the cutting edge of fashion. Fascination with the wonderful doll clothes you are sewing, may be the trigger that encourages a young person to want to learn to sew.

3. Free Sewing Pattern and Directions to Sew a Barbie Shirt

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

This free pattern will create a shirt that can easily go with skirts or slacks for Barbie or similar fashion dolls.  Sew a bunch in different colors to encourage a child to put out fits together.

4. CC Originals -- Barbie pajama doll clothes pattern

The free pattern is an adorable summer pjs set. Lengthen the top and sew part of the back seam closed for an adorable nighty.  Be sure to explore the other patterns while you are there.

5. Free Printable Sewing Patterns for Fashion Dolls

An adorable skirt and blouse or strapless dress options for your printing pleasure. Use your imagination and add trims to totally change the exact same pattern.

6. Kiwi Fashion Doll Patterns

This site offers you a free pattern for a denim jacket that could easily give Barbie a "blazer" look for a busy day at the office.

7. Free Sewing Patterns for Fashion Dolls

This site offers many patterns but the patterns do not have a seam allowance on them and youneed to have construction knowledge to assemble the free pattern pieces.

8. Anne Nicole’s Holiday Gown

This fantastic gown pattern from Ben Franklin stores is  great! The only limit is your imagination!

9. Summer Fun - Anne Nicole Sportswear for the beach or poolside

Your fashion doll could have a whole summer wardrobe from this free pattern with just a little imagination.

10. The 1-2-3 Jacket

Add this simple jacket to the trapless or sleeveless clothes options and Barbie is ready for any season.

11. Sewing Panties 03a

Follow these detailed directions and print out the pattern to sew panties for your Barbie of 11" fashion doll.

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