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Free Slipper Sewing Patterns and Ideas


Sewing slippers makes slippers that are comfy and fit at an economical price because you can use scraps. Many years ago I made slippers as Christmas gifts for everyone on my list from Foot Prints Cozy Slipper Pattern. Today there are oodles of free patterns available online to make slipper making a very economical project or add inspiration to how you make a commercial pattern. Any way you look at it... no one complains about warm feet!

1. Felt Slippers from Martha Stewart Living

These slippers look lush and comfy warm. A free printable pattern is included. I love the idea of felting wool sweaters from thrift stores to make these slippers.

2. Cozy Towel Slippers

These look like super comfy scuff style slippers made from terry cloth. A great way to use towels from the bargain isle that may have flaws but plenty of usable "fabric".

3. Felt Baby Shoes

These are a great alternative to the old fashioned heavy leather baby shoes of many years ago. The free pattern is an added bonus.

4. Summer Slippers

A great tutorial to transform inexpensive flip flops into cloth summer slippers.

5. Elf Costume Shoes

A fun way to entice the kids to actually wear their slippers is to make the slippers fun to wear. A jingle bell added to the toe makes them even more fun.

6. Frog Slippers in Adult and Children's Sizes

I love the reasoning behind these slippers being called Frog Slippers. Two forms of the pattern are available.

7. Purchasable Slipper Patterns

Sew Thankful is one site that has my favorite purchasable slipper pattern. I must have made fifty pair of slippers as gifts from Foot Prints Cozy Slipper Pattern.

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