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Gift Ideas - Personal

The following are links to general and personal gift projects and ideas found on the net.

Sewing Gifts for People Who Sew
Buy a gift for someone who sews can seem overwhelming if you don't know anything about sewing. This list is here to get you started shopping for a gift for that special person who sews.

Relaxed Reading for People Who Love Fabric
Once again, my mother has taught me something new. She had me borrow the first book in a series that so entranced me, I've been at her doorstep for the next installment, and the next.... Anyone who loves fabric, even a non-quilter, will love the way fabric and stitching impact the lives of so many, and carry a history that so many will never...

Mother's Day Gifts
Mother's Day is a great reason to sew a special gift for your mom. It's also a great time to buy mom the perfect sewing related gift if she is learning to sew or if she has sewn forever. Anyone who sews loves having new tools and supplies, even if they won't splurge and buy them for themselves.

Fabric Book Cover with Handles and Zipper
Special books deserve special handling. Create a cover for a gift or your own personal use. Directions to make your own pattern for any book are included.

Sew a Nail Pouch for Dad
What could tell Dad how much he is loved and appreciated, more than a homemade gift that he can actually use. This is a simple project that the kids maybe able to sew themselves. Find free directions to sew a nail pouch here.

Sewing Themed Home Decore Items
Find some absolutly adorable decorations for your home or sewing room.

Top Picks for Fictional Sewing Oriented Reading
Here you'll find links to finding wonderful fiction books that explore the beauty of fabric's impact on everyones life, along with links to find the best price. A GREAT gift idea for anyone who enjoys sewing!

Wedding Ring-bearer Pillow with ring box
This ring pillow eliminates the need to fuss with tying and un-tying ribbons during the ceremony. Find full directions here.

Sewing in Collectibles Shops
This site features sewing collectables that will thrill any sewing enthusiest.

Sew Quick Father's Day Gifts
Find an assortment of gift ideas with links to free patterns here.

Create Kits And Gift Baskets
Tips and tricks for creating personalized kits and gift baskets.

Pure Whimsy Catalog
A catalog of wearables and items for sewing enthustiests.

Sew Your Own Pocketbook!
There is a way to have a purse to match every outfit without breaking the bank! This purse can be made with a drawsting closure or closed with a small piece of hook and loop tape by adding elastic to the casing that would have been a drawstring. Find free full directions and the pattern here!

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Bridal Garter
Every bride needs a tossing garter to throw at her wedding reception. Sew her a special garter by following these free, easy to follow, step by step pattern and directions.

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