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Halloween Costume Animal Tails - Ideas and Directions


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A Curly Pig Tail
Halloween Costume Animal Tails - Ideas and Directions

Create a Costume Pig Tail

You will need a narrow tube of fabric. The length of the tube will depend upon the size of the person who will be wearing the tail. To make a tube, cut a strip of fabric approximately 1" wide, fold the length of the strip with the wrong sides of the fabric together.Using 1/4" seams, sew one end and along the length of the strip. Turn right side out.(Tip: If your fabric tends to fray, resew the seams a few times and use small stitches. Turning a small tube with one end closed can be achieved by using a semi-sharpened dowel to push the stitched end through the tube.)

Join pipe cleaners to make them the length of your fabric tube, by over lapping them and twisting them together. Turn the ends over and clamp them tightly to them self to prevent the wire ends from poking anyone. Insert the pipe cleaners in to the tube. Wrap the tube around a pencil or dowel, to create a spring.

Turn in the unfinished edge of the fabric and attach to your costume.

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