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How to Make an Ostomy Pouch - Sewing Pattern and Construction Tutorial


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How to Sew an Ostomy Pouch Cover - Make a Pattern and Construction Tutorial
Front, Back and Drainage area opened in photos of the Handmade Ostomy Pouch Cover

Sew Your Own Ostomy Pouch Cover

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Anyone with an ostomy knows about skin irritation and discretion. This pouch cover solves both issues. By choosing a soft fabric in a print that is appealing, skin issues and discretion are resolved. Since there are a huge variety of bags and pouches on the market, these instructions will guide you through making a custom pattern for the type of pouch that is being used.

Materials Needed:

  • Paper or pattern making material - tissue paper, news print or similar materials work fine
  • Fabric - a soft light weight fabric such as flannel or 100% cotton - preshrunk - The amount needed will vary with the bag size and resulting pattern pieces. I also chose to make a second front layer of a silky fabric which allows clothing to slide over the pouch and not hang up on the pouch the way some fabrics tend to do.
  • Double fold bias tape - a scrap to go around the opening for the flange.
  • Thread to match your fabric - How to Choose Thread to Match Your Fabric
  • Marking tools - To create the pattern and to transfer pattern markings - Learn How to Transfer Pattern Markings and The Types of Tools Used
  • An ostomy bag to trace

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