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How to Make an Ostomy Pouch - Sewing Pattern and Construction Tutorial


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Create a Pattern for an Ostomy Pouch Cover
Step by step instructions to make a custom ostomy pouch cover pattern

Creating a Custom Pattern for an Ostomy Pouch Cover

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Front Pattern Piece
  • If you are using a drain-able pouch, close the bag.
  • Keeping the pouch flat, trace edges of the pouch on your pattern making material.
  • Add a 1/2" to the entire edge of the tracing.
  • Trace the flange opening.
  • Add an 1/8" to the outer edge of the traced opening.
  • Do not cut out the flange opening on the front pattern piece. You will be using this marking to create the back pattern piece.
  • Cut out the pattern piece by cutting out the outer edges only.
Back Pattern Piece for a Drain-able Pouch
  • Trace the outer edges of the front pattern piece.
  • Measure 2" from the bottom edge and draw a line across the pattern piece. The distance decision is up to you. You want enough fabric to support the bottom of the pouch but an opening that is close enough to the "drain" so that you can conveniently drain the pouch without removing the entire cover. My choice of 2" was so the line landed just above the "drain area" of the pouch.
  • Cut the pattern piece on the line you just created.
  • Trace both pieces on to the pattern making material.
  • Add 1 1/2" to the newly created line area of the pattern.
  • Connect the new line to the pattern pieces, keeping the shape intact by tracing the edge of the original pattern piece to the new line.
  • Trace the flange opening on to the upper back pattern piece. Cut out the opening.
  • Fold the length of each pattern piece in half, aligning the edges. Draw a straight line on the fold. Use the fold line as your grain-line to lay out the pattern pieces.
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