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Sewing for Holidays And Occasions

Sewing a gift shows more caring that buying a gift at the store. Sewing your own decorations, allows you that decorate your way. You'll find many options for all of the holidays here.
  1. Christmas Ideas (19)
  2. Easter (8)
  3. Gift Ideas - Personal (14)
  4. Gifts Ideas - Families (6)
  5. Halloween (33)

Valentine's Day Sewing Patterns and Projects
Create your own special clothing and accessories for Valentin's Day using these free patterns and projects with Hearts and Cupid to celebrate Valentin's Day.

Sew for Thanksgiving and Hostess Gifts
Spruce up your home for your Thanksgiving company or sew a memorable hostess gift to show the hostess just how much you appreciate that they are doing the work by following these free patterns and directions.

Valentine's Day Projects
Sew these free Valentine's Day projects to tote Valentine cards or treats, fly a cupid flag and more.

Valentine's Fabric Heart Treat Bag Or Purse
Follow these free directions to sew a great bag to collect Valentine's Day cards or as an accessory for Valentine's Day. Tell them you love them, surprise them with a bag full of treats on their door.

Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt with a Ruffle Edge
A Christmas tree isn't complete until the skirt is on the floor around the tree. Making your own allows you to have a tree skirt that actually covers the area under the tree and makes cleaning up pine needles a lot easier. You'll find free step by step directions here. This project is a great serger project or excuse to buy a serger.

Valentines Day
A great assortment of projects for Valentines Day!

Sewing Gift Shopping Guide
If you have sewing experience, it's easy to choose a sewing gift for someone who loves to sew. If you haven't ever threaded a needle, it's a different story. The list that is provided here will take you to a vast assortment of gifts in varying price ranges. Take your time, learn a bit while you browse and make an educated gift choice for...

Sew a Valentine's Fabric Heart Pillow
Sew this simple heart shaped pillow for Valentines Day or for Wedding favors or gifts using the free pattern and step by step directions.

Great Stuffed Toys Patterns for Easter Baskets and More
Stuffed toys are a great way to fill the Easter basket and not pay for cavities that candy can create!

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