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Valentine's Day Projects

Free Sewing Projects to Sew for Valentine's


All holidays are more enhanced when your clothing, accessories and yard pronounce the holiday as something special. Announce Valentine's Day with a Cupid Yard Flag. Join in the fun with an appliqued shirt or carry a simple heart shaped purse...which can also be used as a Valentine card holder...
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Sew a Valentine's Day FlagA Free Pattern for a Valentine's Day Yard FlagFree pattern and directions to sew a Valentine's Day pillow.Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Valentine's Day Fabric Heart PillowValentine's Fabric Heart Treat Bag Or PurseValentine's Fabric Heart Treat Bag Or PurseCut Work Hearts on a sweat shirtDressed Up Sweat Shirt Project - - Hearts and Cut Work
Free Heart Shaped Applique TemplatesFree Heart Applique Patterns
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