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Free Holiday Related Sewing Patterns and Projects

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Weddings, Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day and more are all reasons to sew decorations, gifts and more to make a special occasion or family gathering even better.

All About Sewing Christmas Stockings
A homemade Christmas stocking is a gift by itself. Creating a personalized one-of-a-kind Christmas stocking is a fantastic gift that will be treasured for many, many years and may even become a family heirloom.

Make Your Own Christmas Countdown Calenda
Make your own count down calendar that can be used year after year and passed down to future generations. This free sewing pattern for an Advent calendar will have you making one for everyone who is anxious to get to Christmas Day.

Sewing Christmas and Guardian Angels
Angels are a popular holiday decoration and relied on to send a supportive, protective message. These angels will meet all of your desires for angels.

Make Your Own Ribbon Roses - Free Step by Step Instructions
Use ribbon to make a rose for a bouquet or a decoration. These free step by step instructions will guide you through the process.

Christmas Sewing - Free Christmas Sewing Patterns
Christmas Sewing - Free Christmas Sewing Patterns

Free Sewing Patterns for the Beach and Summer Fun
Free sewing patterns save a fortune and have you sewing from your sewing stash without running out to the store for a pattern, to say nothing of the wonderful free price tag. Enjoy these free patterns for all of your beach sewing and summer fun times.

Sewing Toys and Dolls
There are loads of free patterns on the Internet to sew dolls and toys. It is up to you to make sure you sew a safe toy. Follow this information to familiarize your self with safety and then explore the links to all kinds of free patterns for toys, dolls, sock-monkeys and more.

Trick or Treat Ghost Pops
Sure you can hand out lollipops, or suckers for Halloween trick or treaters but you an make them special by transforming them to ghost posts using your fabric and ribbon scraps. This page will show you just how simple it is!

Easter Egg Pillows - Free Sewing Pattern and Directions to Decorate for Easter
Use this free sewing pattern to sew Easter egg pillows to decorate your home. Follow the suggestions to decorate your home or yard with Easter egg pillows that can be used year after year. Add a pocket so your Easter egg pillows can be part of the Easter egg hunts that everyone enjoys on Easter. A simple sewing project that allows your...

Free Sewing Patterns and Projects for Thanksgiving Sewing
Have original Thanksgiving decorations for your home and wear the holiday by sewing these free Thanksgiving projects, without breaking the bank buying ready made items.

Easter Crafts and Sewing Patterns
Ready to dive in and have some fun making crafts and projects for Easter? You'll find choices to keep you busy and successful here. Hat making, free bonnet patterns, free bunny patterns and more are all here for your Easter crafting pleasures.

Use Fabric Scraps to Create Fabric Ribbon and A Hair Piece Style Bow
This bow is perfect on packages and as a hair bow to match an outfit. Use it to embellish a pocketbook or clothing accessory. You've sewn a perfect outfit and now you want to create a barrette to match but can't find ribbon to match your fabric. The solution is to create your own ribbon to sew a bow and barrette to match the garment you've made....

Free Summer Sewing Patterns and Projects for a Green and Economical Summer
Disposable may seem like the easy way to host a picnic... until you spend the extra money to buy all the disposables for a summer's worth of picnics, or until you see all the extra garbage at the end of the day and realize how much got added to the land fill.
Think green and save money by making reusable things for all of your picnics.

Gifts to Sew for Mother's Day
Mother's Day is the perfect reason to let mom know just how special she is. Mom's treasure things there kids make. Sew mom something just for her for the holiday and she is bound to appreciate the gift and treasure it forever. The other advantage of sewing your Mom a Mother's day gift is you can keep the gift economical.

Free Patterns and Projects to Sew Gifts
Fill your gift lists with homemade gifts that will be cherished for years to come... long after store bought merchandise is in the land fill! Choose fabric in prints that will appeal to the recipient and it's a custom made gift when you sew it with love.

Try not to wait until the last minute to start filling your Christmas list... but if you do, there is always …

Sew Unique Door Prizes and Gift Basket Contributions
Don't let you donating break the bank. Sew unique items that can be added to gift baskets or used as door prizes. Use these ideas for "baskets" or create your own built from one of the many free sewing projects found here.

Sew Wedding and Bridal Gifts
Everyone wants to make sure their gift is memorable and special for a wedding or bridal gift. Sew a gift to make it personalized and special... something that will be saved for years as part of the couple's wedding memories! Add embroidery, appliques or colors that match the wedding theme to make the gift unique and special.

Index of articles about all the Halloween and costumes to spur your imagination.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Christmas Stocking
Christmas stockings coming out of storage always bring a flood of memories. Make your own Christmas stocking for memories that just may get handed down for generations to come. Find a free patterns and directions here.

Easy to Sew Drawstring Tote Bags
A fabric drawstring bag is a perfect way to wrap gifts and save the wrapping from filling the landfill. Follow these simple step by step directions to sew gift bags in the most popular sizes to hold gift boxes.

Christmas Tree Ornaments from Fabric, Lace and Trim
Use the free patterns and directions offered here to create Christmas tree ornaments that will become family heirlooms.

Free Directions to Create Cards with Fabric Windows
Free directions to create cards that use small scraps of fabric can be found here.

Sew a Christmas Tree Skirt with a Scalloped Edge
A Christmas tree isn't complete until the skirt is on the floor around the tree. Making your own allows you to have a tree skirt that actually covers the area under the tree and makes cleaning up pine needles a lot easier. You'll find free step by step directions here.

Sew a Bottle Gift Wrap Bag
Dress up a holiday gift bottle with a re-usable fabric gift bag. You'll find free directions and a pattern to follow to sew your own fabric gift bottle bag here.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Christmas Stocking
Christmas stockings coming out of storage always bring a flood of memories. Make your own Christmas stocking for memories that just may get handed down for generations to come. Find a free patterns and directions here.

Step by Step Instructions to Sew a Halloween Pumpkin Appliqued Sweat Shirt
Feel weird about dressing up in a costume but at the same time you don't want to be in on the fun? A shirt with a jack-o-lantern appliqued may be just the answer! Find complete step by stem directions here.

Christmas Tree Skirt
This simple how to is a quick and easy to print guide to sewing your own Christmas tree skirt.

Sew An Easter Kite
A relatively simple project to make your own Kites for Easter or spring time fun

Sew a Drawstring Bag for the Bride to Hold Cards
A bride shouldn't need an actual pocketbook at her wedding reception but a bag that matches her gown and is not conspicuous is a great place for her to safely and securely stash the gift cards she is given at the reception.

Free Pattern and Directions for a Small Christmas Stocking
Use this free sewing pattern for sewing a small holiday stocking to support Operation Holiday Stockings for supporting the troops, for local charities or decorating your home for the holidays.

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