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Free Pattern and Directions for a Small Christmas Stocking


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Materials Needed to Sew a Small Christmas Stocking
Free sewing pattern to sew a small Christmas Stocking

Small Holiday Stocking Created with This Free Pattern

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This Christmas stocking measures about 6 to 8" long by 4" wide, when it is completed. It is the size needed by Operation Holiday Stockings so that every military person can receive a holiday stocking. It is an easy to fill size for making donations to nursing homes, senior residents, child organizations and so many other places in need around the holidays. You can also make a pile to decorate your home. The size of this stocking makes it perfect for hanging on a fireplace mantel without the risk of them catching on fire. Use production sewing methods to make a pile in a single afternoon.
Please share this project with all groups who sew for charity or who would like to make the world a better place. A larger Stocking Pattern is also available.

Materials Needed:

  • Print out of Pattern
  • Fabric for the body of the stocking (red fabric in this example) - Two scraps approximately 10" by 7" - To have a usable stocking use fabric with one or two way stretch. If using one way stretch, allow the stretch across with width of the stocking rather than the length of the stocking.
  • Fabric for the stocking top (white in this example) - Two scraps approximately 6" by 6"
  • Thread to match your fabrics
  • Basic sewing tools
  • If using stretchy fabric, consider using a stretch stitch or narrow zigzag stitch to construct the stocking so that the stitches do not break if the stocking is stretched in the process of filling it.
  • Consider using clear or invisible thread so you don't have to change the sewing machine thread when sewing the different sections.
  • Use a copy machine to increase or reduce the pattern to meet your needs. For example you could reduce the pattern for gift cards and increase the size for a cologne or liquor bottle.
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