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Make Your Own Ribbon Roses - Free Step by Step Instructions


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What You Need to Make Ribbon Roses
Make Your Own Ribbon Roses - Free Step by Step Instructions

Ribbon Rose on a Mutli Loop Bow

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Maybe the florists created it but roses spell love. What better way to make a loving statement than to decorate with roses. Experiment with different width ribbons to make a rose for a package decoration. Place a ribbon rose in the center of Multi Loop Decorative Bow for a special gift or as a decoration. Consider a combination of ribbon roses and bows to make corsages or wedding decorations as well as packaging decorations.

What You Need:

  • Ribbon - For your first ribbon rose I suggest a 1" wide or wider ribbon so you get the "feel" of making the rose. Once you've mastered the process, make miniature roses with narrow ribbon or giant roses with wide ribbon. The length of the ribbon will correspond to the width of the ribbon. For the rose shown in these directions, using a 1 1/2" wide ribbon, I used 27" of ribbon.
  • A sewing machine to sew a row of basting. (Hand basting can be used but sew small stitches)
  • Quality Thread Is There a Difference In Sewing Threads? You Be The Judge
  • A sturdy and hand sewing needle
  • Optional: To make long stem roses you will also need floral tape and wire to attach the ribbon rose and make the stem.
Note: Wire edge ribbon may be used for this process, using the wire to gather the ribbon rather than the basting stitches described in the directions. The wire that is used to gather the ribbon, can be used to wrap the layers and secure the rose but hand stitching the formed rose in place is still the most secure way to be sure your rose maintains its shape.
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