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Make Your Own Christmas Countdown Calendar


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Materials Needed
Free instructions to make a count down calendar  that will last for years

Christmas Count Down Calendar

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
An Advent calendar is a great way to entertain the count down to Christmas Day. Use a homemade Advent calendar to help children deal with the anxiety of waiting for the big day... You may even want to make one for the anxious adults in your house to help them deal with waiting for Christmas day.
Even if you don't exchange gifts until Christmas Day, don't hesitate to make one for everyone on your list. Years ago my sister made one for our household and she is remembered each year as our Christmas decorations come out of storage. Personalize each calendar with names or special appliques.
Fill the pockets with trinket party favors or small candies to make each day of waiting special.

Materials Needed:

  • For the Body of the Calendar - Cut the base color felt to 20" by 26"
  • For the Pockets - Cut four strips 3" by 24"

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