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Sew to Create Your Own Home Decorating

Pillows, curtains, bedding and more are all simple straight sewing that creates items that can cost a fortune and still might not be exactly what you have in mind. Explore these sites to find the perfect pattern for the home decorating item you want to create.
  1. Bedding And Bed Room Decor (11)
  2. Curtains & Window Treatment (14)
  3. Home Dec Patterns
  4. Home Decorating Fabric (12)
  5. Pillows (23)
  6. Table & Kitchen Home Dec (7)
  7. Upholstery Information (15)
  8. Wall Covering Ideas (3)

Bathroom Sewing Projects
Have you thought bout sewing for your bathroom? Not only will you save a few dollars, you'll be able to make exactly what you want in the colors you want with this list of free sewing projects.

Economical Way to Have Extra Wide Fabric
Learn an alternative to buying expensive extra wide fabric. This simple tip will show you an economical alternative and ways to have cheap extra wide fabric for home decorating and more.

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