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Birthday Mailbox Wrapper

Birthday Mailbox Wrapper

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Why would anyone need a decorative mailbox wrapper? Have you ever searched for a birthday party on a rural, back road? Eventually you may find balloons that have popped hanging on a mailbox at the correct house. Wouldn't it have been easier to find a mailbox that was decorated for the occasion? Here's a simple to sew way to decorate your mailbox for any occasion. Think of a red wrapper with white hearts for Valentine's Day, a Christmas Tree for Christmas, a black wrapper with an orange pumpkin for Halloween or a cornucopia for Thanksgiving. The Possibilities are endless. A Yard Flag is another great way to make your home easy to find for a party or special occasion.


  • Weather resistant nylon or similar fabric --
    • For a Standard Size Mailbox: Measure the body of the mailbox wrapper to 23" (for around the mailbox) X 20" (for the length of the mailbox).
    • For a Large Mailbox: Measure the body of the mailbox wrapper to 25" (for around the mailbox) X 38" (for the length of the mailbox).
    • For a non-standard mailbox: Measure from the bottom of one side, over the mailbox to the opposite bottom edge, add 2" to the measurement. Measure from the front edge of the mailbox (behind the door) to the rear edge of the box and add 2" to that measurement.
  • Scraps of the same type of fabric in a variety of colors to create applique decorations or machine embroidery designs to embroider the messages and decorations on your mailbox wrapper.
  • If Using Applique -- Fusible Web or temporary spray adhesive
  • A sewing machine with zigzag capability
  • Hook and Loop Tape (Velcro) 2- 8" pieces for a regular mailbox, 2 -11" pieces for a large mailbox.
  • Two small 3/16" dowels or metal rods, the shorter length of the mailbox cover you are making.
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