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Tattered Edges Can Be Presentable Again
Tattered Edge Transformed With Serger

Tattered Edge Transformed With Serger

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
If you have kids, you have towels with tattered edges… it seems to come with the territory! The body of the towel is perfectly usable but those tattered edges get tangled in the laundry, stuck on toes and fingers, and are annoying.

I’ve always let the kids have those towels for the pool at home and save the nice towels for when they go to the public beach or a friend’s house.

Here’s some simple ways to clean up the ragged towels so they can be the ones that go to the beach or camp and never seem to make it back home.

If you have a serger… or you’re looking for a reason to buy one… an overlock stitch is perfect for saving a tattered towel. Use your serger to trim and overcast the tattered edges.

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