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Free Pattern and Directions to Sew Your Own Stand Mixer or Blender Cover


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Cutting Out Your Fabric
Instructions for cutting the fabric out to sew a mixer cover for your kitchen counter.

Pattern Pieces to Cut Out the Fabric

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
  • Make pattern piece as instructed on the pattern piece, following the instructions for the cover you will be making.
  • Cut 2 fabric pieces of that pattern piece.
  • Cut one piece of fabric 31" by 14" for a mixer cover. Cut one piece of fabric 35" by 9" for a blender cover. Mark the center of the 31" or 35" edges. This mark will be used later to align the pieces when they are being joined. Rotary Cutting Rulers and Tools will help assure that your cutting is squared and accurate. Everything About Rotary Cutting Tools for Cutting Fabric
  • Using a 1/2" seam allowance, apply piping to the end sections that were cut out from the pattern piece, on the sides and rounded edges but not on the straight bottom edge of the pieces. (Instructions for Applying Piping)
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