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Free Sewing Pattern to Sew a Fabric Toilet Paper Roll Cover


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Materials Needed to Sew a Toilet Tissue Cover With Gathered Sides
A photo of the toilet paper cover sewn with this free sewing pattern.

Toilet Tissue Cover Sewn with This Free Pattern

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Sure you can leave an extra roll sitting out for when it is needed but why not cover the roll and make it visually appealing but so that it is still easily found? This toilet tissue cover can be made in any color so it matches your home decor.
When you need a house or apartment warming gift, consider a bathroom gift basket. Include a toilet tissue cover, toilet tissue, hand soap and hand towels for things that will always be used in a bathroom. If you're not sure of the planned color scheme, use neutral colors that can go with almost anything.

Note: This pattern was designed for a double roll of toilet paper (Quilted Northern) that measures 5" across and 4" high.

Materials needed:

Cutting and Interfacing Instructions
  • Cut a 6" circle of the fabric and one from the interfacing
  • Cut one strip of fabric 5 1/2" by 35" (Using rotary cutting tools will help assure that you are cutting a true rectangle and accurate measurements. It is not necessary to interface the side piece.
    Many toilet paper brands have shortened the width of their rolls. Although you may not have noticed, you may want to check the width of the brand you use. If it is more or less than the 4" that this cover was designed for, adjust the 5 1/2" measurement accordingly.
  • Fuse interfacing to the fabric.

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