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Thanksgiving and Halloween Pumpkin Pillow Decoration


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A Stuffed Fabric Pumpkin - For Decorating Your Home
Free sewing pattern and directions to sew pumpkin pillows

Pumpkin Pillows with Artificial Vines to Decorate for Thanksgiving and Halloween

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This free pillow pattern creates a pumpkin that will allow you to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving. There are two sizes available. When I started this idea, I thought that plain orange and green fabric was the answer. I soon discovered that using a calico, with a non distinct print, gave the pumpkins a more realistic appearance. Create an entire pumpkin patch by using various orange prints. I would love to try this project with some of the beautiful fall prints that are available.
Being familiar with soft sculpture techniques will help you create these pumpkins but they are also a great way to experience how soft sculpture transforms a stuffed item. As you can see by the photos, there will be some variations in sizes and shapes due to how the "pumpkin" is stuffed. As with any soft sculpture project, no two will be perfectly a like.


  • Print out of Print out of Pumpkin Pillow Pattern | Print out of Small Pumpkin Pillow Pattern
  • Orange Fabric (calico or plain orange) 1/2 yard will yield a large and a small pumpkin
  • Orange Thread
  • Poly-Fill or stuffing (The better quality stuffing gives you a smoother finished project.)
  • Orange Embroidery Thread
  • Green Fabric (calico or plain green)1/4 yard
  • Green Thread
  • VERY Strong Thread or Button And Carpet Thread
  • Optional:Craft or Artificial Leaf Vines
  • Optional: Black Felt and fusible web and Hot or fabric glue - Or temporary basting spray applied to the back of the felt
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