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Armchair Organizer or Remote Control Holder


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Materials & Cutting Directions
Finished Arm Chair Remote Control Organizer

Finished Arm Chair Remote Control Organizer

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This arm chair caddy can be used to hold your remote controls or keep small items handy.


  • 1 yard of 45" wide fabric (A cotton or brushed cotton works well. Avoid slippery and stretch fabric)
  • 15" of 1/4" elastic
  • Fusible craft weight interfacing
  • Thread
  • Optional: One package of piping or make your own piping
Cutting & Preparation Directions:
  • For the body - cut two pieces of fabric 22"(long) X 14" (wide)
  • For the pocket - cut one piece of fabric 14" (long) X 22"(wide)
  • Interface the body pieces.

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