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Measure Your Table
Measure Your Table

Measure Your Table

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
Tablecloths can cost a fortune IF you can find the color or print you want. Sew your own table cloth in the colors and prints you want at a fraction of retail costs. Consider making different shapes and sizes to achieve a layered look.

A Square, Rectangle or Oval Table

  • Measure the table and the amount of drop you want from the table top. I like no more than 4" as this prevents it being accidentally picked up when someone is reaching for the napkin on their lap.
    For example: a table top measures 60" by 36" and I want a 4" drop on each side. I would then add 1" if I will be making a 1/4" turned under baby hem on each edge. I would cut my fabric 69" by 45".... so I would buy two yards of 45" wide fabric.
    For an oval table, treat it as a rectangle table, but round off the corners, using a template such as a dinning plate to round the corners.
A Round Table
  • Measure across the table until you have the longest measurement, to assure you have the true size of the table.
  • Add the amount of drop you will want on the sides of the table cloth.
    For Example: a 42" wide round table, with a 4" drop in the edges and 1" for 1/4" turned under baby hem on the edge, I would need a 51" square to cut a 51" round circle. I would need to buy 60" wide fabric or 45" wide fabric and a trim to add to the edge so there is enough drop on the edges.
  • Cut a circle from the fabric by folding a square in quarters and using a string from the fold corner to the edges.
Extra Wide Fabric Sources
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