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Sewing Machine Repair and Care

A sewing machine is only great if it will sew when you want it to. Protect you investment and enjoy sewing rather than fight a broken sewing machine by doing simple things to care for your sewing machine, make some of your own repairs and simple maintenance to keep your machine running and keep you safe from electrical problems.

Locating A Sewing Machine Manual
Increase the potential of your sewing machine and the ability to sell it, by having the machine manual. Includes on and off line sources.

Sewing Machine Trouble Shooting
Basic sewing machine trouble shooting pointers.

Why You Should Clean Your Sewing Machine
Have you wondered why you should clean your machine or have it cleaned when it seems to be running just fine and it's a closed case so nothing can get in there... find out the real truth here and why you just might want to protect your investment.

Basic Sewing Machine Maintenance
Pointers for basic maintenance of your sewing machine.

Prevent Sewing Machine Malfunctions
Your sewing machine has worked fine for ages. You take it out of storage and the machine has a mind of it's own. What could have gone wrong? Find preventive measures that could save you money on expensive repairs.

How a Sewing Machine Works
An EXCELLENT reference to gain total understanding of how your sewing machine (and serger) works. Follow all of the pages to see animated gifs of how stitches are formed. The more you know about how the machine works, the easier it is to trouble shot problems.

Here is a great place to learn all the sewing machine needle basics and what happens with each type of needle.

Salvaging Sewing Machines and Similar Equipment
Collier County Emergency Management offers excellent reference points for how damage occurs and how to prevent it.

Sewing Machine Maintenance
A page of oiling information that can be applied to most sewing machines.

TENSION - Not Yours, The Thread's
This write up is mostly for machine embroidery but has the basics for adjusting machine tension.

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