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Machine Embroidery Projects

Machine embroidery projects create an entire project around a machine embroidery design. These sites will spur your imagination.

How to Hoop and Embroider a Tee Shirt or Stretchy Fabric
Are you ready to embroider a tee shirt or sweat shirt that is stretchy fabric and you want it to end up with a flat and smooth embroidered design? It can be done, even on a home embroidery sewing machine. These step by step directions will guide you through everything you need to know to have success.

Embroidery Library Projects
You'll find a wide selection of machine embroidery projects at Embroidery Library. These projects, with their complete instructions are a great way to experiment with your embroidery machine and actually create something at the same time.

Secrets Of Machine Embroidery - Projects
A GREAT selection of projects that would even be terrific without embroidery.

Affordable Designs
A site with free designs mixed in with resonably priced purchsable designs.

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