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Sewing Organizations & Groups

Groups and organizations are created to bring people with like interests together. A sewing group will help inspire and recharge your sewing adventures.

Charity Sewing for Cancer Patients
Any sewing skill level can contribute to some kind of sewing charity need and make a difference in a world the relies on us helping each other in times of need. Browse the various opportunities and find a charity project that matches your sewing skills and will give comfort to someone whois fighting breast cancer.

American Sewing Guild
The starting place to explore the American Sewing Guild,with Local Chapters, Benefits, contact and joining information.

The Appliqué Society
A relatively new organization with information on membership, events and more. Charter memberships are available until Sept. '98.

The starting point for information on the International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society, with world wide information.

Smocking Arts Guild of America
The Association of Fine Needle Artists. Heirloom Sewing & Quilting, Embroidery, Silk Ribbon, Drawn Thread, Appliqué, Doll dressing, and more! Membership and learning available.

Home Sewing Association
Basic Information and membership information about The American Home Sewing & Craft Association.

Bernina Fan Club
Information to join an email list of fellow Bernina Owners.

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