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Sewing Pillows

Here you'll find a vast assortment of pillow directions to meet your home decorating tastes.

Free Stuffed Bunny Toy Pillow Pattern
Kids love stuffed bunnies and they love a special pillow. Pillow pets are fun but they loose their shape in the washer. This free sewing pattern will guide you through sewing a pillow that is also a stuffed bunny toy and the cover removes for laundering. Follow the free step by step directions to make a great lovable bunny pillow.

Free Pillow Pattern for a Round Pillow with a Gathered and Button Center
This throw pillow is round, featuring straight sides, a gathered center and a covered button in the center to bring it all together. These free directions guide you through everything you need to sew a great throw pillow for any room in your home.

Make a Special Pillow with this Free Envelope Flap Pillow Pattern
Make a pillow the colors and way you want a pillow to be by following this free sewing pattern to make a pillow that has a flap like an envelope for design detail. These free directions will guide you through making a pillow that is the pillow you want to make, in the colors and design that you want it to be.

Free Directions to Sew a Round Bolster Pillow
A bolster pillow is a great addition to a group of throw pillows to add a warm inviting cozy feeling. The free directions that you will find here, guide you through every step of making a bolster pillow cover for any size bolster pillow.

Consumer Review of Pillowflex.com- Personal Experience Buying Pillow Forms
If you're like me you like finding a bargain but when it comes to ordering online, you hesitate unless you know the company or know someone who has had a consumer experience with that company. Read about my personal experience when I placed an order at pillowflex.com for pillow forms that were much less expensive than anything I could buy locally.

Before You Sew Pillows
Sewing pillows is an easy project. The free patterns found here can accommodate a very beginner with simple envelope back pillows and work your way up to adding zippers and more elaborate pillow fronts.

Twisting Pin Tucks as a Decorative Pillow Front or Garment Detail
You've probably seen them, now you can learn how to make twisting pin tucks with these free directions which can be used for a pillow front or a garment inset.

Heirloom Style Pillow Front Using Simple Corded Pin Tucks
Ways to create simple corded pin tucks to add dimension and detail to a pillow front or anything you sew.

All In One - Beach Towel Pillow
Keep the sand in one place and have a handy pillow for the car. Transform an old beach towel with the addition of fabric from your scrap bin.

Free Pattern and Directions to Sew a Football Pillow
Sew a football pillow for the football fanatic in your life! Sew a football to decorate a boys bedroom! Use this free pattern and directions to sew a pillow that is safe to be thrown inside the house.

How to Cover a Pillow for a Pet Bed
Do you have old pillows that can be put to good use at an animal shelter? Follow these simple directions and make a great donation!

Basketball Pillows
Full directions and an free online pattern to make your own basketball pillow.

Corded Pillow Sewing Lesson
This pillow is going to have all 4 edges seamed in order to add the piping in to the edges. Don't panic! By taking things one step at a time, you can do anything!

Dog Bone Neck Pillow
Free on line pattern and directions for a pillow designed for neck comfort.

Envelope-Back Pillows
Complete instructions for making slip covers for your throw pillows.

Embellished Pillow Front
A great way to use applique or machine embroidery, with corded pintucks to frame the details on any pillow front.

Flanged Pillows And Shams
On line directions for all pillow sizes.

Foot Ball Pillows, From Your Guide
Full directions and an free online pattern to make your own Foot Ball Throw Pillow.

Silk Flowers, Ruffles & Zipper Pillow
Here's a pillow that will add bright colors in a subdued, elegant way! Full, free directions for a zipper back are included.

Ruffled Pillows, From Your Guide
Here's directions for making fancy slip covers for your throw pillows.

Tooth Shaped Tooth Fairy Pillow, From your Guide
Full on line directions and pattern for making a special pillow.

How to Prevent Protruding Corners on Pillows
Sewing a pillow is easy but how do you prevent those protruding corners? There are solutions to those pillow corners that poke out. Learn how to sew pillow covers and pillows that won't have those protruding corners in this step by step article that offers various solutions.

How to Upholster a Cushion Cover
Create a foam pillow with these step by step instructions to cover a foam cushion. Adjust the measurements to the size pillow you want to make.

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