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Twisting Pin Tucks as a Decorative Pillow Front or Garment Detail


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What You Need to Sew Twisting Pin Tucks
Twisted Pin Tuck Pillow Fronts with Variations

Twisted Pin Tuck Pillow Fronts with Variations

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com
This technique can be used to sew a decorative pillow front or as an inset on clothing. The pillows shown in the photo were assembled using these directions after creating the twisting pin tuck fabric.
Note:You will need more fabric than the pillow directions call for and there is no exact amount of fabric because the tucks are a variable that you decide just how much the tucks will take up in fabric. For example, the 16" pillow shown with the close twisted tucks, used a 20" by the 45" width of the fabric (minus the trimmed selvedge) with very little trimmed off to make the pillow front requirement.
  • Fabric -- the amount will vary as described above.
  • Thread to match you fabric as closely as possible.
  • Marking equipment that will vanish when you are finished
  • Optional but very helpful -- Rotary Cutting Ruler to ensure that your lines are evenly spaced and square.

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