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Altering Women's Ready-to-Wear and Altering Men's Ready-to-Wear

Off the Rack Clothing

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Altering Women's Ready-to-Wear  Clothing & Altering Men's Ready-to-Wear Clothing By Mary A. Roehr

Altering Ready to Wear Women's Clothing & Altering Ready to Wear Men's Clothing By Mary A. Roehr

We've all bought clothes that don't fit, or we've changed our size through weight changes. How much time have you lost to experimenting with where to alter them to make them fit? How much money have you spent on paying someone else to do alterations because you were afraid to tackle the job?

These books solve the alteration questions that plague everyone.


These books contain 300 illustrations to guide you through the alteration process. Illustrations help identify the area the text is referring too. The illustrations have instructions written next to the corresponding illustration to help you how to logically approach every alteration.

What to Charge?

Every Internet forum and email box has questions about what to charge when someone wants you to do alterations for them. Both of these books have price list's to guide you through what to charge someone for your time and skills.

Doing men's alterations for a business can be a gold mine because men are used to buying clothing as an investment and don't mind paying for alterations. Included is a complete suggested price list which is relevant nationwide.

As women take on careers their suits require the same alterations and they don't have the time to sew for themselves. Alterations are in demand.

Mary Roehr's book, Sewing as a Home Business offers even more advise and experience for running a sewing business.

A Total Guide

Altering Women's Ready-to-Wear Women's covers all types of women's clothing and the special issues women face when trying to have garments that fit. Mary's text and illustrations guide you through every aspect of making the alterations. Altering Men's Ready-to-Wear Women's has the same ideal illustrations and text while focusing on fitting the male body and working with the different details of men's off the rack clothing.

Mary A. Roehr

Mary A. Roehr has spent more than 30 years compiling and revising books and video so they will be informative, up-to-date, and easy to follow. She has compiled the prices from all areas of the United States.

You may have seen Mary on various television shows or read one of her magazine articles.

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