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Sculpted Threads by Janet Shipley Hawks

Sculpted Threads by Janet Shipley Hawks

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

The Bottom Line

If you hate throwing away all those trimmed away embroidery threads or spools that just don't work correctly, this book is your answer!


  • Absolutely gorgeous projects.
  • Great ways to actually use all those cut away traveling threads.
  • Jewelry and crafts that will inspire creativity.
  • Brooches, bowls, jewelry and more all made from thread


  • Tough on the budget when you get hooked on another reason to buy thread.


  • Directions for decorations for you home and clothing, using thread to create bowls and brooches that can decorate anywhere.
  • Fantastic jewelry ideas with detailed directions, that will coordinate with the garments you made.
  • Directions for a small bag detail ways to create your own fabric to use on your own ideas.
  • Beautiful thread work combined with beading will inspire your imagination.
  • Imagine having jewelry to match every outfit you own... it's simple when you make your own.

Guide Review - Book Review

My teenage daughter is definitely into jewelry making. This book got her interested in my thread cabinet and waiting for me to have a pile of trimmed threads. The ideas in this book had me checking on my supply of water soluble stabilizers. I am guarding the book so I keep it within MY reach. I know there is a distinct possibility that my daughter will make this book walk right out of my sewing room.

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