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Top 10 Informational Sewing Books


People who sew, drool at the best products but rarely will splurge on something to increase their knowledge or keep handy information right at their fingertips. Learn which sewing books would make a very appreciated gift and perfect addition to any sewing library here!

1. Vogue Sewing (Revised and Updated)

This recently updated version of the popular Vogue Sewing guides, includes wonderful illustrations and has many images that help you understand fitting and alterations. This book includes basics for the beginner and in depth information for fitting issues. A great book to have on hand for fitting problems and more.
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2. Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Bowls

I've gone and done it! Listening to everyone about "Fabric Bowls" on the forum and the pattern in Sew News special issue, "Sew Up the Holidays" got me started. I wonderful book filled with inspiration!

3. Fast, Fun & Easy Fabric Boxes

A great book filled with useful information and ideas. One word of warning though... I found them addictive and made all kinds of teacher gifts using this book.

4. Power Sewing By Sandra Betzina

The over 500 full color photos, in this book, make it just like you have an instructor in the room with you, guiding you through every step. Full construction techniques as well as fitting details for all kinds of women's garments. A full, fitted wardrobe is totally obtainable through the following the various chapters included in this book.

5. ABCs of Serging

A simple handbook for understanding your serger, what part does what and how to make the machine do what you want it to do. Paperback
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6. Step-By-Step Techniques for Making Clothes

Complete Guide to Sewing : Step-By-Step Techniques for Making Clothes by Reader's Digest. An excellent reference book to have on hand, no matter what your sewing level of expertise. Covers everything from basic hand stitches to complex pattern applications and home decorating details. User friendly detailed drawings and photos of fabric types.
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7. Sewing Lingerie That Fits

A terrific book for sewing underwear, sleep wear and lounge wear for everyday or for special times. Great diagrams for measuring and details for making your own pattern. Paperback
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8. Sewing 911

Sewing 911: Practical & Creative Rescue for Sewing Emergencies -- A super handbook for sewing. Everyone who sews has something that doesn't turn out the way they intended. This book is loaded with solutions and cover ups for snafus that can happen in any sewing construction process.
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9. Fine Embellishment Techniques

Fine Embellishment Techniques: Classic Details for Today's Clothing -- Everyone who has sewn comes across a garment that just needs "something". What it needs is usually a little of a lot of embellishment. This book has all kinds of ideas with directions so nothing ends up in the unfinished pile of half sewn garments.
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10. Fast Fit

Fast Fit: Easy Pattern Alterations for Every Figure by Sandra Betzina -- No two human bodies are perfectly a like so why do we think patterns are going to fit without making a few changes. Take the fear out of pattern adjustments and learn what makes things fit with the details for any body type from the wonderful information in this book.
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