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Sewing Glossary A-E

Don't let not understanding a sewing term stop your creative process. Follow the sewing glossaries and definitions to understand and see what the term means.

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When you are sewing, do you know what making an alteration means? Find the answer and information here.

The definition of Appliqué as it relates to sewing.

The definition of the sewing term armscye

The definition and informamtion about backstitching as a sewing term can be found here.

Baste is one othe most common sewing terms you will see when you are learning to sew. Find the definition of baste here.

Bias Grain of Fabric
Bias grain of fabric is one of three parts you must understand to have garments that hang properly. Learn about bias fabric grain here.

Clean Finish
You've probably seen the term clean finish while following sewing directions. Are you punting or do you know the definition of clean finish? Find the sewing definition and illustrations here.

When your ready to sew beyong the basics couture is a term you will need to understand. Find the information here.

The definition of ease as a sewing term and how to ease in fabric.

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