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Bobbin Winder - Parts of a Sewing Machine


Bobbin winder on a Scandinavia 200

Husqvarna Scandinavia 200

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

Bobbin Winders are not all the Same:

Bobbin winding mechanisms are a bit different for every sewing machine.

  • Bobbin winders can be found on the top, front or end of the sewing machine.

  • Some sewing machines have a bobbin that is filled in place in the bobbin case. Most of these machines have a lever to lock the machine into winding the bobbin without un-threading the sewing machine.

  • Most industrial sewing machines have a bobbin winder that is separate from the machine, usually located on the table of the machine.

    Parts of a Bobbin Winder:

    • The thread starts on the thread spool holder.

    • Thread guides are a vital part of the bobbin winding process to maintain tension on the thread and achieve an evenly wound bobbin.

    • The bobbin holder is movable in most machines. The bobbin must be placed all the way into place on the bobbin holder. The bobbin holder is away from the brake when the bobbin is being put on and taken off of the holder. It slides towards the brake for the bobbin winding process.

    • The brake stops the bobbin or changes the sound of the machine so you know when the bobbin is full. It is not advisable to over fill a bobbin.

    Basic Threading Process for Bobbin Winding:

    1. The spool of thread on the spool holder.

    2. Thread guides to feed the thread to the bobbin with an even tension.
    3. The bobbin on the bobbin holder and hand wound a few times around the bobbin or fed through a hole on the bobbin.

    4. Slide the bobbin holder with the bobbin toward the bobbin brake.

    5. Use the foot pedal to activate the machine with slow even speed.

    6. When the brake stops the bobbin from turning or you hear a change in the sound of the machine motor, stop winding the bobbin.

    7. Slide the bobbin holder away from the brake. Cut the thread and remove the bobbin.

Disengaging the Machine While Winding a Bobbin:

  • Many sewing machines require an adjustment by turning the inner portion of the hand wheel to disengage the machine needle area while you are winding a bobbin.

  • Always refer to the sewing machine manual when operating a machine.

    Goals When Using a Bobbin Winder:

    • Your goal when winding a bobbin is to have the thread feed evenly to the bobbin with an even tension on the thread and the thread to be evenly wound on the bobbin.
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