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Foot Pedal - Parts of a Sewing Machine


An Assortment of Sewing Machine Foot Pedals

Sewing Machine Foot Pedals

Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to About.com

What The Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Does:

  • The sewing machine foot pedal controls the speed of the sewing machine by how much pressure you apply to the pedal, in the same fashion that a car gas pedal works.

Where to Place the Foot Pedal:

  • Sewing machine foot pedals are usually placed on the floor but in some cases they are located in a cabinet with a knee lever that applies pressure to the foot pedal.

When there isn't a Foot Pedal:

  • A foot pedal is not a necessity on many newer machines. Electronics have allowed the machine speed to be set by one adjustment, usually indicated by a turtle and hare. Stop and go is then controlled with the push of a button.

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