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Spool Holders - Part of a Sewing Machine that Holds a Spool of Thread


Sewing Machine Thread Spool Holders

Sewing Machine Thread Spool Holders

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The Purpose of a Spool Holder - It's More than Holding a Spool of Thread:

  • The sewing machine spool holder does more than just hold a spool of thread. The spool holder is the first step of the thread being evenly fed to the sewing machine needle. There are many spools of thread and many spool holders to achieve this vital first step the thread will take as it travels to the sewing machine needle.

Horizontal and Vertical Spool Holders -- Different Types of Spools of Thread:

  • Most new sewing machines come with a vertical and a horizontal spool holder. Vertical spool holders are best when you use a spool of thread that is wound straight and even with the shape of the spool. Horizontal spool holders work best for spools of thread that are wound on the spool in a diamond pattern, in conjunction with a cap that is slid on to hold the spool in place.

  • Having more than one spool holder also allows you to work with double needles and other decorative sewing techniques.

Cone Thread Spool Holder :

  • Stand alone cone thread spool holders are available in the notion section of most sewing stores. Some cone thread spool holders are weighted with a metal base and thread bar, while others are made of just plastic.

  • They provide a secondary way to feed thread to the sewing machine.

  • Cone thread is designed for use on a serger and is not as heavy or strong as a regular spools of thread. Cone thread is however an excellent alternative for applying seam finishes helping eliminate bulk.

  • A cone thread holder can be used to hold a second spool of regular thread.

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