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Sewing Thread Information & Sources

Choosing the correct thread for the sewing job at hand does not have to be an overwhelming adventure. There are many different kinds of thread and you need to know what kind of thread you should use for the job at hand. Being an educated consumer allows you to make the correct choice the first time and avoid wasting money on thread that you can't count on.

Recommended Uses for Silk Thread
Superior Threads offers excellent thread educational materials. This page shows you which type of silk thread to use for various sewing jobs.

How to Choose Sewing Thread Color
You found your fabric now you have to choose the correct color thread. Learn tips and tricks about choosing the color of sewing thread to match your fabric in this article.

All About Sewing Thread
Don't allow tangled or shredding thread to stop you from sewing? Learn about thread, become an educated consumer and enjoy sewing.

Is There a Difference In Threads? You Be The Judge!
This article has been around for a number of years... and it proves the old expression that a picture is worth a thousand (maybe even more) words!

What Is It and Is it Just for Buttons and Carpet Sewing?
What is Button and Carpet Thread? Is it worth investing in and can you use it as regular thread? These questions and more are all answered in this information about button and carpet thread.

What is Bobbin Thread
Bobbin thread is not just for a sewing machine bobbin. This page is dedicated to you understanding everything about bobbin thread why bobbin thread exists and when you would want to use bobbin thread.

Superior Threads Company-- About Superior Threads Sewing Thread and Product
Superior Thread is a supplier of sewing thread in many forms. Learn more about Superior Threads and what Superior Threads has to offer with the information found here.

Coats and Clark Sewing Thread Company
Coats and Clark thread is available in almost every sewing department. Learn about Coats and Clark sewing thread and the company that produces Coats and Clark thread here.

Do You Use Coats and Clark Products? Share Your Experience and Read O…
Sound off and let others know your experience sewing with Coats and Clark sewing notions and accessories. Read others experiences before you buy a product.

Have You Ordered Thread From Superior Threads Website? - Tell Us Your…
Have you ordered sewing thread from Superior Threads? Share your experience or read the experience of others who have places orders from Superior Threads.

Rowan Premium Thread Collections - from Amy Butler and Ksffe Fassett
Up close and personal is the best way to judge the quality of a sewing thread. See close-ups and learn about Rowan Premium Thread Collections in this article about sewing thread.

American & Efird, Inc.
A site not to be missed for learning about thread. Use the links in the left hand frame to learn and the Industrial or Products For Consumers links to browse their product line.

All Threads
All Threads features over 900 colors of Robison-Anton embroidery thread, in both Rayon and Polyester, always in stock and ready for shipment. They also carry NEB prewound bobbins, Coats & Clark prewound bobbins and Robison-Anton bulk bobbin thread.

Coats And Clark Thread
Follow the products link to thread and explore every kind of thread they make.

Dritz On Line Catalog
Sewing, quilting, baskets,and more, on line to learn about and order, with thread packs in the basket section.

Kreinik online Thread Center
This site is wealth of information,tips and tircks for almost any kind of thread! As well as where to buy information, freebee embroidery designs and contact information.

Nancy's Notions Catalog
Use the on line catalog for shopping on line or use the catalog request to receive a hard copy.

Sulky Thread
Learn about the different threads Sulky offers.

Sewing Thread Information
It may seem like an easy way to cut corners by picking up bargain thread but will that thread preform without causing sewing machine problems? Are You confused about what kind of thread you should use? You'll find what you need to know about sewing thread in these articles.

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