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Sewing Tips to Save Time, Save Money and Avoid Frustration

You don't have to try everything on your own when you are trying something new or want to save time... these sewing times may have you saying, why didn't I think of that!

Tips and Tricks to Sewing Elastic Waist Pants and Shorts for Children
Sewing clothes for children is a great way to have durable, long lasting clothing at a very reasonable price. Learn tips and tricks to sewing strong seams and reinforced seams for strong durable clothing for children here.

Trouble Shooting Guide to Fix Your Sewing Machine
Are you experiencing a bird nest of knotted thread, skipped stitches, the machine refusing to feed the fabric or another problem with your sewing machine? This list will guide you to the information you need to solve the problem your sewing machine is having... so you can get back to sewing and have fun being creative!

Electrical Wire as Cording to Make Stiff Piping
As sewing supplies become hard to find we will learn to make do... with helpful hints like this we can't go wrong! Make your own piping using electrical wire as cording.

Unusual Sewing Notions and Tools -- Saved Trash to Use Again
Unusual things can become part of your sewing project, a favorite sewing tool or a favorite sewing notion. Learn what others save to use in their sewing room.

Quick Tips to Cleaning a Homemade Doll or Toy
A homemade, hand sewn doll or toy is special and a lot of work went in to creating that doll or toy. Laundering that doll or toy with just a few special considerations will preserve the doll for years to come. Learn more here.

Interfacing Chiffon and Light Weight Fabric
What kind of interfacing to use on see-through and lightweight fabrics is a common question. Find answers here.

Is There a Difference In Threads? You Be The Judge!

Needle Position
You've had a sewing machine for years and it's time to move to a new machine. It seemed super when the dealer showed you the machine, until you go to actually sew and the presser foot that you used as a guide isn't with the machine. Find the improved method over the relic sewing machine you are used to here.

Cording And Piping -- Make Your Own The Way YOU Want It
It's great when you can buy the cording you need but that option is usually comes with very limited choices for color or prints. Making your own piping by covering cording is a great way to have exactly what you want. This article will guide you through every set to create the exact piping you want.

The Dread Pirate Rodgers Continous Bias Page
A wonderful article for TOTAL understanding of making continuous bias strips, including yardage requirements.

Sewing Knits
Tips, tricks and pointers for sewing knits. Learn what needles and sewing machine stitchs are best to eliminate problems.

Tips And Tricks For Making Children's Pajamas, From Your Guide
Ideas for pajamas, with directions for ribbing.

Sewing with Elastic Thread
Ever gotten stumped trying to sew with elastic thread in your sewing machine? Read this article to find everything you need to know to sew with elastic thread to create your own stretchy fabric.

Add Stiffness and Shape to Clothing and Costumes
You have a costume in mind and no pattern is available. You can achieve the costume that you have in your imagination if you know how to use...

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